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Melike Ozden


A lighting designer who studied at the University of Wismar in Germany with 10 years of professional experience in Turkey brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical expertise to the field of lighting design. This individual's journey and background in the industry have shaped their approach and capabilities in creating visually appealing and functional lighting solutions. 

An international lighting designer in India is a professional who has gained recognition and success in the field of lighting design on a global scale while being based in India. This designation suggests that their work has extended beyond national borders, and they have contributed to lighting design projects or initiatives in multiple countries. They are likely sought after for their expertise and experience in creating innovative and culturally sensitive lighting solutions. Their portfolio might include a wide range of projects, from architectural and interior lighting to urban and landscape lighting, demonstrating their ability to adapt to various contexts and design challenges.

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Swapnali Bhadale


Swapnali has studied and worked in lighting design all over the world, from her home country of India to the delights of Italy and on to the hustle of the UAE, she has found herself constantly intrigued by the lighting universe.

Swapnali was the winning mentee of Sillouhette awards in 2023. She has also conducted lighting design workshops for over 1000+ architects and interior designers so far. She’s always been into sports, dancing and art, Swapnali can be relied on to bring this level of activity into the office daily.

It’s the design process that makes her tick – creating opportunities for light to shine, enhance materials and play with architecture is definitely the exciting part and we’re lucky to have her on the team.

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