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3, KH Road, Double Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560027

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Giving light … this phrase symbolizes a new philosophy of lighting design, a philosophy in the sense of how we think about the lighting design process. Much like the modernist movement in architectural design a century ago, it offers a reconciliation of lighting design practices with today's rapid technological advancements and societal changes. The innovations we are seeing in lighting hardware today are fascinating, but we are as always in danger of seeing these innovations in terms of existing technology. It is much like the first automobiles, which looked just like what they were called – horseless carriages. In some cases, these early and primitive vehicles came complete with buggy whip holders. As useless as they were, these accessories symbolized the inability of designers to fully adopt the new technology of internal combustion (and yes, electric) engines. The horse may have been absent, but it was still basically a 19th-century carriage. We may laugh at the silliness of such thinking, but in reality we are no different. Look at today's solid-state lighting: we insist on emulating century-old incandescent lamp form factors and worse, attempting to control them with AC phase-cut dimmers. We may mutter about market acceptance and existing installations, but the truth is that we are not all that comfortable imagining what is possible with solid state lighting technology. The innovations we are seeing in lighting hardware are not only fascinating, but part of a much larger movement now called the Internet of Things. Just as the first mobile phones have brought us today's smartphones, today's seemingly unrelated innovations in solid-state lighting are about to lead us into a brave new world of lighting design that we are only beginning to understand.

We understand the importance of lighting in any space, and we also understand that long term maintenance, and total power consumption are concerns arising now a days.
We at Design Brilliance keep all things in mind before we design any space. 

We optimize your entire space to use the least number of fixtures to attain uniform illumination with accents where required, and we keep minutest details in mind. Most importantly, we design spaces in a way that all elements shall be highlighted, but the focus never goes to the lighting, but to the spaces lit up.

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